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Greno Wood, Sheffield, was my stomping ground as a youngster and it’s there that I developed my love for nature. I would follow my uncle Stephen around the woods looking for bird nests, badger setts, rabbit warrens, fallen deer antlers, and anthills. In fact, anything and everything would be observed in the wild or taken home to look at more closely. Perhaps keeping a frog in a suitcase under my bed was taking it a bit far. However, my mum had warned me that I would be out if any more wild animals came into the family home!

I am passionate about sharing the natural world with others and ‘Making Connections Between People and Nature’.

Andrew AKA WalkaboutLad.

Making connections

I have over ten years experience of carrying out ecology surveys in the UK and Australia. The focus as a professional ecologist at home has been on surveys of mammals, amphibians, and birds, amongst other wildlife. While in Australia I have surveyed small mammals and the diverse reptile fauna.

I absolutely love to share nature with others. I am a qualified primary school teacher and I’ve engaged many pupils and colleagues with the natural (real!) world. Children from a variety of backgrounds and socio-economic groups have reacted positively to my style of teaching.

These days I help people connect with nature through leading walks and giving talks.


Walks and talks

I am happy to give talks on a range of natural history subjects. Get in touch if you would like to hear more on the following:

  • Insect pollinators
  • Garden habitats
  • Trees and woodlands
  • Australia’s wildlife
  • Nature on screen

All I ask is that my travel expenses are covered and any money raised through ticket sales goes to a worthy wildlife cause.

Should you wish to join me for a walk, or you have a location to suggest for wildlife encounters, please let me know.


My time amongst nature is often alone. But this doesn’t mean I don’t want to share the moment. Photography and videos have in the past been my way of sharing the wonders of nature that I experience. Nowadays, I often leave the camera at home and simply soak up the time when I feel fresh air in my lungs and on my skin. Writing a blog, albeit a little haphazard and irregular, will be yet another way to let others into my world, the natural world, and what I consider to be the real world.

Please do comment, good or bad, as I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on my experiences and writing style.




Time for reflection

Ten years ago this week I rocked up at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary in the Northern Territory, Australia. I was to be there, remote in the wilderness, for over 100 days in total. I had quit a full-time job managing the wooded landscape in the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site that I worked really hard to …

Havens for wildlife and people

Volunteering is good for the soul. There are many benefits to be gained from volunteering your time, energy, and knowledge. I’ve volunteered extensively over the last 15 years with the vast majority of my time being given to nature conservation organisations.

Living on the edge

Pheasant. Hedgehog. Deer. Mallard. Pheasant. Hedgehog. Badger. Hedgehog. Hedgehog.

Do you know where I saw the aforementioned animals? No, not in a woodland. They were all seen on the road. They were all dead.

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