I have experienced some truly amazing moments amongst nature. More often than not, such occasions have been witnessed alone and without a camera. However, I have managed to capture some very special things on video as can be seen below.

Woodpecker nest excavation

Watch as a male lesser spotted woodpecker removes freshly excavated wood chippings from the nest chamber. He would enter the tiny entrance and every 8 to 15 minutes emerge and shake away the discarded material. Believe it or not, this amazing spectacle was filmed on the edge of a housing estate in Telford.

Erythristic Badger

All badgers are black and white, right? No, they’re not. There is a colour form known as erythristic where red pigmentation dominates the fur colour due to a genetic mutation.

Bushcraft Essentials

Allow me to introduce you to my cousin, Jamie Dakota. He has been immersed in woodland environments ever since he could crawl. Nearly 30 years on and he has become an amazing practitioner and teacher of bushcraft. We still visit the woods together and occasionally I film him at work to promote Howl Bushcraft.

Further videos

More videos are available on my YouTube channel. Click here to check them out.